It’s true that all the beginnings are difficult, but if you have the correct guidance paired with articulate teaching, you will surely have an EDGE in the German language at Languedge. It has been an eventful and an amazing year with Languedge – the everyday classes, Rollenspiels and Sprechen at weekends, the perfect guidance for the exams, the insightful thoughts about German culture, the numerous creative works auf Deutsch, and the unforgettable Stadtreise……. Hat’s off to you ma’am for putting in all the effort and hard work for making Deutsch such an interesting language for me.

The energy and the enthusiasm that you displayed inspired me to challenge myself. Der Ton macht die Musik- The way of teaching at Languedge is something I had never experienced before. The numerous activities and games in German made me so engrossed in the language that I started to think in Deutsch. The entire coursework transformed me and has changed my thinking, thanks to the numerous Sprechen and Schreiben topics during the classes. I still remember my first class, shy, scared hearing that German was a tough language, and now that I have completed B1, I feel confident in the language, a Big Thank You to my Deutsch Lehrerin.  German is not a difficult language- it is made simple and enjoyable at The Languedge.