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Why German?


About The Languedge


The Languedge, set up in 2009, is committed to helping you achieve your Language Goals.

The classes are usually conducted in the target language – English is used very sparingly, so that the students get accustomed to reacting and responding to the same.  This is further strengthened with Audio-visual  material and application in live scenario options – role plays, visits to a coffee shop, a city tour where students enjoy applying the concepts learnt. The methods and materials used are unconventional yet effective and are fully in line with CEFR standards [Common European Framework of Reference for language].


Classes are held in a fun-filled atmosphere, where student interaction is encouraged and appreciated. Participants get the combined benefit of studying in small groups as well as a one-on-one approach. Courses are tailor-made to suit your requirements, and learners are encouraged to study at their own pace.

The focus and end result is on developing your conversational skills along with the other skills of reading, writing and listening.

We, at the Languedge, believe you are only as good as you speak.

Language As Hobby

Are you someone who likes to try out a new language? A new year Resolution? Or would you like to equip yourself with yet another skill. The Languedge is for you.

Training For An On Site Visit

Are you relocating with family and have to learn German in a short period of time? Have you been allotted a project in Germany? It helps to learn German not just to survive, but to make new friends and understand their culture and customs. The Languedge is for you

Conversational Classes

Have you just learnt the theory in school,university or just a short term course somewhere. Where you have all the vocabulary but still unable to speak fluently? At The Languedge, we believe you are as good as you speak.

Deadlines To Meet

Do you have to take your exams before the application deadlines? Have you taken a break from your job/studies because you are going abroad within few months? It would be a good idea to use the spare time and equip yourself with the language with some super intensive classes.

Training For International Exams

Do you require training before you get yourself internationally certified? It would be a good idea to evaluate yourself with some intense practice, and improve on your abilities before you actually sit for the main exams, don’t you think. The Languedge is for you!