TOP 10 REASONS – Why should you study German?

  1. German is among the top 12 most widely spoken languages in the world   (
  2. German is the second most commonly used scientific language in the world.
  3. German has the highest number of Native speakers in the EU.
  4. German Economy ranks #1 in the EU.
  5. Germany is the largest European trading partner with the US. They are one of the largest heritage groups in the US.
  6. It is recommended or required for most academic programs abroad [More than 40% of scientists in the US recommend the study of German].
  7. German is the gateway to world class education, engineering and top class technology.
  8. They command an indomitable Internet presence – over 8 million Internet domains.
  9. It improves your chances at the Job Market and forges business relationships.
  10. If you know English, you are halfway there – the script is the same and German could almost be a sister language to English. There are many similar sounding words.

TO TOP IT ALL – there is no/ low tuition fee for pursuing an Master’s in Germany. All you have to do is cover your living expenses.

Do check out GAPP – Great American Partnership Program – An exchange program that the US has already initiated at school levels to give their students the advantages of learning German at a much younger age.

If that does not convince you, you can contact us for further help and enquiries in this regard.