I came to know The Languedge through my college seniors. They said“You will have have the best teaching and Education”. Their words did come true. From day one it was not like a regular class, where teacher comes, writes on the board and explain things etc. Here the teaching style was unique with tailored framework. Every work we do in class can be easily connected to our daily routine activities. The efforts taken by teacher everyday to give the best and get the best from student is one of the things we expect most when it comes to teaching. It happens to us in every class.

The most effective part of class is the good ambience. People help you when you’re stuck and German words constantly keep flowing through your ears. The highlight is the weekend class. Students wait for weekend class which have fun activities, role plays, drama etc. To quote a few One weekend we went on a city tour where the entire full day we had to communicate talk in German. In another weekend we played a skit on the theme restaurant and Word puzzle to find the article of every word. Every week was a surprise and we would wait eagerly for classes.

When it comes to test preparation, you will be given ample number of practices and the amount of encouragement given will make you to do the exam well and come out with flying colours.

As you go further in language, your  thinking and personality changes positively which in turn helps you in holistic development.


I landed in Germany in October 2016. From the first day I had no problems in communicating with people. I did till B1- level German at The Languedge.  Knowing the language became an advantage for me because I was able to understand and do all the registration on my own. (Feel free to article on what one must do on landing in Germany)

I am now a part of my college International students association. I help other students when they have to fill out forms and translate for them at the Auslanders office for residence permit.My German has been appreciated by Polish, Germans, College Librarian, Hungarians etc. The above stated activities were possible, because of our German teacher Mathangi Ma’am and The Languedge. 

Anoop Krithivasan
Anoop Krithivasan is pursuing his Masters in Automotive Engineering at Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, Germany. He would like to work as functional developer in the field of Driver Assistance system in Daimler, Bosch Etc. His hobbies include cooking, photography and listening to music.
You can reach him at
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