Learn German – The  “Appy” way

Learn German – The “Appy” way

Smartphones are in. Apps are in. Foreign languages are in.How about making a combination of all of the above? Let us pick some that would help us practice and improve our German skills. There are usually many apps that are present for the benefit of the beginner – teaching you Pronouns, sein, haben, time, days of the week, etc. Those do help for sure - but they can never entirely substitute a real language learning experience.  Apps are usually a fantastic supplementary practice. Sadly most of them are targeted at the amateurs. But are there Apps for the intermediate user to get some practice? We have listed out some of them below : [These are all free apps. We are not promoting or vouching for them. These are apps that are useful and supplement those who are already learning German] Artikeltrainer and Der Die Das  – the articles pose a problem for all, irrespective of the level you are studying at. The article trainer keeps...
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