Smartphones are in. Apps are in. Foreign languages are in.How about making a combination of all of the above? Let us pick some that would help us practice and improve our German skills.

There are usually many apps that are present for the benefit of the beginner – teaching you Pronouns, sein, haben, time, days of the week, etc. Those do help for sure – but they can never entirely substitute a real language learning experience.  Apps are usually a fantastic supplementary practice. Sadly most of them are targeted at the amateurs. But are there Apps for the intermediate user to get some practice?

We have listed out some of them below :

[These are all free apps. We are not promoting or vouching for them. These are apps that are useful and supplement those who are already learning German]

Artikeltrainer and Der Die Das 

– the articles pose a problem for all, irrespective of the level you are studying at. The article trainer keeps testing you within a limited number of words after which you can chose another word list. There are about 10 lists to give you practice.


Deutschlernen – is a fantastic app for a learner who is more than halfway through his A2 or starting a B1.  It helps you listen to the Nachrichten  (News) as they read it slo-o- owly, thereby making you work on your vocabulary and listening skills. You can see videos, look up some idioms and situations as to where to use them  – this app is all about the practical aspects of language and culture.


German A1 for beginners / Learn German A2  like polyglot                         These two apps have some Russian words in them – so   obviously it is not the best option if you do not speak / read Russian. But if you are just looking for practice to improve your past tense, word puzzles  – this app is worth a shot. If you cannot understand Russian, then you will be forced to manage with German. And that can only be an advantage.

Verben mit Präpositionen – if you are doing your B1, you will know exactly what I am talking about! This app has a comprehensive list of verbs, listed out according to the prepositions they are connected to and gives you an example sentence for the same. While there is not much in terms of practice here, you could use it more like a dictionary  – to refer while writing a passage or preparing for a speech.


B1 sprechen Prűfung – this app has about 50 topics listed out and sample dialogues for them all. It helps you have an idea about sentence structure, vocabulary, and grammar that you should be using at your level. Even the app says B1 – this app is a worthy one if you are doing your A2 as well. Please do not make the mistake of trying to learn the dialogues by heart. It will never help you improve the language.


Schreiben lernen Deutsch – This app is similar to the above. It has over 50 solved letters according to topics listed out. For people who are comfortable with grammar and vocabulary individually – but have trouble combining them to make meaningfully structured sentences – this app will give you an idea. You need not be overwhelmed at the letters they use, but can try simulating the patterns used. They also have a list of Redemittel (useful expressions to be used)

Test zur Grammatik – this app is of great help if you are preparing for your exams –  it gives you 10 exercises in grammar for each level. Work on it till you get a perfect score and also attempt the tests at a level higher and lower than the one you are studying for. It will give you a sense of confidence for sure.

Deutsch Inyahead – is all games with vocabulary targeted from an A1- B1. Once you login, you can change to get  to your relevant level by clicking your choice on top of the left hand corner. This helps you test your spellings, nouns, adjectives, verbs – all through pictures and games. This is perfect to help you whiling away time when waiting for a friend, or cooling your heels at a doctor’s office – you get the drift right ?


We hope you enjoy these apps and find them useful.  We insist, that they only supplement your learning and are not a substitute for the real experience. Ciao!