I decided to learn German in last week of May’16, for my MBA Program in Berlin.

I started googling institutes in Chennai offering German courses. Google will throw up many institutes and including a well known German Cultural Organisation offering the language. I approached many Institutes in Chennai. Most of them were either rigid in their offerings or it did not fit my plan. I had six months in hand and wanted to complete B1.

Most of the Institutes I enquired with mentioned that with 6 months – the maximum possible was an A1 or at the best half the way through A2, along with exorbitant rates. But then I approached The Languedge, I shared my plan about completing B1 with them. Instead of shooting down my plan like other Institutes, they made me responsible for it with customized and deadline based study plans. Now I have reached my Goal and completed my B1 even a bit before six months.

My experience at The Languedge was really cool. The atmosphere was vibrant, colorful and young. There were lots of youngsters from college goers to corporate employees. From the very first day I felt part of the class. In the first hour of the class I felt welcomed. I was back to a classroom 8 yrs after my graduation. But this was different. It has actually prepared me for a classroom learning scenario.

One of the best things I liked and found useful at The Languedge was the interaction amongst students across different levels. You are exposed to new words and you have an inkling of what you will learn in further levels. This is not your typical classroom where the teacher gives handouts, and lectures. There is peer to peer learning here. You are consistently pushed, and there is also the experience of a City Tour. Classes had exercises and games that made you enjoy every moment of language learning. And it definitely fulfils every letter of its motto,Lernen mit Spaß   i.e        [ Learning is Fun].