• Personal Experience, 

I am Anoop Krithvasan living in Ingolstadt. Having stayed for 6 months in Ingolstadt, I would like to share things that I have done to socialise and to spend your free time on arrival at Ingolstadt . I personally enjoy socialising , learning new things and making myself feel comfortable across all genres of activities.  For e.g spending time with international community.

Few things one could do at Ingolstadt are:

  1. I am part of international students club where we organise movie nights (english / german ) , board game night ,etc. These are for students part of Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt. Through this you get know to people from different countries , culture s, languages etc.These usually happen once a month.
  2. For students who are travelling to my city for internship / thesis etc , you will have associations like International students in Ingolstadt, Indische Deutsche Verein etc where you will have Stammtische like going for bowling, get-together etc. These are normally organised on weekends.
  3. The next popular interest for many are Sports(be it Indoor or outdoor). Ingolstadt has clubs like Golf club Ingolstadt, FC Ingolstadt, FC Niederfield, Billard-sport club Ingolstadt e.V etc. As a student of university in Germany, you can access these clubs at a student offer. For example the membership of FC Neiderfield is 60 Euros per year where you will have training twice a week, for swimming it costs about 110 euros for 6 months where you can go once everyday.

The above mentioned things can be checked via facebook and here is the link for it (http://www.ingolstadt.de/ikiss/vereine.cfm)

Once you are able to socially connect well, you will be able to find the best places in city for going for cinema , accommodations,partying with friends etc. Apart from that,  this has also helped me improve my language, and make working contacts both amongst Indians and Germans. For e.g. I was able to ask help for correction of my resume , cover letter and manage a few mock interviews.

  1. If you are moving from another city to Ingolstadt and need  accommodation- The website which I would suggest is studentenwohnung.de, immobilien.de, wggesucht.de. A decent room would cost you around 330-350 euros in a Wohngemainschaft (WG) inclusive of your ARD bill , utilities, Wifi.
  2. In my city we have two theaters. One is Altstadt Kino and the other is Cinestar.You could  watch German films with English subtitles or English movies here. The average cost per person is 8-10 euros and your snacks will be around 3.50-5 euros. German films usually release on Thursday.
  3. If you are inclined towards sports and would like to workout at a GYM,memberships usually cost around 19-25 euros per month. You will be given a minimum one year contract but you can also take a break and continue. The break period usually is not counted in one stretch and you don’t need to pay during your break period. Some popular gyms are Mcfit,  Lifepark Max, Sportselite etc.

What about places of visit, Indian Food, Indian movies etc, transportation cost etc, ?

  1. In my city we have 3 Indian restaurants Taj Mahal, Indain Palace, Maharani. The taste is pretty decent but do not expect to get the same taste as you get in India. The cost of  a starter will be from 3 to 4 euros, main dish will be from 7 to 12 euros , desert will be 6 euros. I  usually prefer to cook at home which is cheaper and in Ingolstadt you have Asian and Turkish super market where you get most of the Indian products. Here are the links for Indian Restaurants  http://www.indianpalace-in.de/, http://tajmahal-ingolstadt.de/, http://www.maharaniingolstadt.de/.
  2. I am living in Bavaria state there are many places to visit. On everyone’s wish list is Neuschwanstein Castle, Ulm, Deutsches Museum in Munich, BMW Museum in Munich,  Dolphin show in Nuremberg zoo  which is second best dolphin show in Germany , Zugpitz and lot more….These  places can be visited with Bayern ticket which cost about 25 euros . With one Bayern ticket 5 people can go and addition of an extra person is 5 euros. With this Bayern ticket you can go upto Salzburg and visit  the Salt mines , Ice caves etc. The entry ticket for these will be 7 – 15 euros until you are a student of a University in Germany.
  3. For students who are doing Internship /thesis in Ingolstadt and want to have a student transport card. Yes it is possible for students from other city and states which costs you 17 euros per month .
  4. Indian films will be screened in big cities like Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart etc. Ingolstadt is between Munich and Nuremberg, and hence these are the two cities where you can watch Indian films. Tickets cost around 13-15 euros.

I have not gone to pubs / discos so I have no idea about it.

Another important Tip – If you need information, you have to ask for it. Do not expect people to volunteer Information, like you might be used to back home.  If you ask they will answer you , else you  will hardly receive any bit of extra information. This is valid across Germany.


Alles gute,Bis bald