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My name is Babu (from Chennai, India) presently pursuing Masters of Science in Power Engineering (MSPE 2015-17) at Technical University Munich (TUM), Germany.
I’m a person who is really interested in Electrical Engineering especially in renewable energy, power electronics and electrical power systems. After finishing my bachelors degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore I was really interested to pursue my masters in power engineering. I also found that universities from the US, Germany, Sweden and Netherlands offer such courses. I applied to selected universities of the above mentioned. Seeing the positive intent towards Renewable energy and also other important perks like expenditure on studies, international student acceptance, food, accommodation, employment facilities, I zeroed in on Germany and to TUM of course because of its reputation and quality of education.
In comparison with an ME degree from India the complexity of this course is very less. Of course Indian education is better when pursued from reputed universities. Nevertheless it is important for anyone interested to study abroad to understand the difference in the education system.
Indian education system is broad and highly structured based on the syllabus of the course. German education is shallow, based on its syllabus but there is huge scope for your personal improvement with all its professors, books, high standard infrastructure and research funding. The above deduction is more based on MSPE because there are really specialized courses available in Germany.
The classroom size depends on each subject. Same subject can be pursued by multiple course students for example a renewable lecture many have people from MSPE as well as masters from sustainable development. More details about the program can be found at www.mspe.ei.tum.de
Approaching professors as well depends on each subject and the experience of the professor. It is for sure possible to clarify your doubts, do personal discussions and others but with prior appointment. Most professors are highly reputed and there are quite a lot of Phd candidates who are readily available for any help.
Most courses are evaluated only based on performances in final exam. The exams do test your engineering skills but some subjects do involve a lot of memory. Exams are usually one hour, so you need to be quick enough to think of your solution . Other positive aspects are –  Internships can be done in and outside the university. It is not too difficult to find one inside or outside. Assignments are not much but its up to you to do one your own or just copy from other sources because ultimately the final examination matters a lot. The university is just the framework it is you who has to build the rules for yourself.
Lecture durations usually between 1.5 to 3 hours and attendance is usually not mandatory unless it is not a laboratory course. If you miss a class which you always do, please study the missed part for the exam 😛 It is always possible and easy to cope up.
5 Tips for studying in Germany
  • MSPE is mostly related to electrical engineering subjects so mechanical students make sure you do have some interests in electrical subjects.
  • Its better to start your masters with prior experience in the relevant field (not IT jobs) so it is easier for finding a part time jobs, internships and other nevertheless if you don’t have experience just leave it. Even I didn’t have one but be smart enough to find good initial experience here.
  • Apply for accommodation earlier. Munich is costly if you are going for a private apartment. To get the understanding of what to do once your arrive to Germany please read here: http://edulightened.blogspot.in/p/study-in-germany.html
  • Get good knowledge about your field of interest and keep yourself updated with what’s happening around you in India and in Germany.
  • Never wanted it to be the last tip – Learn German. You can not expect a common man to be fluent in English. They love their language .
Additional tip: Try to serve India back if an opportunity is available. German job market is saturated. Always have an eye for Indian jobs after masters. Ultimately if you work in Germany you would be designing things for Indian projects .  which then are sold to India and bought by our families either directly or with our tax or with the money you sent home from Germany.
To know more about me or contact me – please feel free to do it.
You can always use this link: www.linkedin.com/in/babukumarannalini
Wish you all success for your career and life !!! 🙂