When I started learning German it was just for the sake of it, I was happy I was using my weekend very well. I was a strong believer that you learn the culture through learning a language.

Meanwhile I wanted to give a boost to my career and I was looking for places to do my Masters in the field of Sports Management I was looking at the United Kingdom which had great universities for Sports Business.  I did not consider the Unites States because their sporting culture was different to that of the Indian one, so United Kingdom it was.

I was not planning to come to Germany, because it is known for its Technical Education and not business oriented education. But as I was attending the German Language class I was impressed by

1. The way the Germans work and the level of professionalism they have attained

2. How strong their economy is emerging despite the fact that they don’t do business in English!

Yes, they don’t. If you are already not aware, the Germans are very proud of their language and their culture, like any Indian state, especially like mine. I could relate to the German culture a lot, so this pushed me to look at Germany as another destination for my Masters. I was however rejected by the German University of Sport, Cologne because of my University Grades, and I could not find many universities that offer Sports Business.

I did find the EU Business school’s Munich campus that was offering MBA in many fields of specialization. Their key focus was graduates with work experience and that helped me secured a seat. I was also selected by one of the top universities in the U.K., but I was convinced that my destination would be Germany. And why?

  • Their professionalism
  • Their pride for their culture
  • Their punctuality
  • Their strive to perfection and efficiency

After arriving here, I understood many things about Germany, one important thing is that, the people here really help you if you are trying to speak their language (even if you are wrong).

The transport system in Munich or Bayern for that matter is just unimaginable level of operational efficiency and coordination.

What I enjoy the most about studying in German is the Libraries here be it the Stadtbibliothek or the LMU they are of immense use to gain knowledg. They are always extremely student friendly. Till I arrived here I could not imagine a city which had its library open beyond a time where the restaurants and clubs would shut down.

Apart from studying, there are lot of social groups who gather for some form of art of sport on weekends and it is much easier to get along with people here because of such practices.

I can proudly say that I did not begin to learn the language because it was a destination for me, but my attempt to learn the language made Germany a destination for me.