Testimonial  – Get more than you pay for

Testimonial – Get more than you pay for

Hello All, I am Gayathri, a practicing doctor of Homeopathy. I have chosen to learn German - The source language of Homoeopathy, in order to decipher lots of texts regarding the subject in the source language itself.  Besides this, I love learning new languages. I have been with LANGUEDGE for past 8 months.I have done 2 intermediate levels with The Languedge.It helped me in developing confidence about the language.I  got oppurtunities to interact with students of various levels,which supported me in improving the oral communication and to overcome my initial hesitation. I feel I have got a better hold in German because of LANGUEDGE. With regard to the the classroom,it is with proper lighting and ventilation.The seating arrangements are also good and comfortable. Several displays hang in the classroom walls,which provide various important information about the language and keep you enganged.Enough handouts are given to workout and to practice at home. The tutor finds the weakest area or the part where a student is unable...
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